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The Vocational School for Manufacturing Technology (BS FT) and the Vocational School for Metal – Design – Mechatronics (BS MDM) at our location in Munich have maintained contacts with foreign vocational schools for more than 15 years and carry out projects for the development of educational modules and the exchange of students and teachers.


We are currently active in the Erasmus + program of the European Commission under Key Action 1 (LA1) Learning Mobility for Individuals in Vocational Training and Key Action 2 (LA2) Strategic Partnerships.


As part of LA 1, in the „goMOVET – Mobility across Europe“ project, we are sending students, teachers and trainers to study at our partner schools in Slovakia, Finland, Denmark, the Netherlands, England, Spain and Switzerland.


The Strategic Partnership in LA2 with the project title „Engineering Mobility in Europe“ (EMEU) brings together even greater cooperation between vocational schools in other European countries. Various European vocational schools are developing completed modules of at least 3 weeks in the technical occupational fields of metal and electrical engineering, mechatronics, construction, carpentry and ITC for participants in initial vocational training.


For further information about the modules offered on our school campus, follow this link Europa MDM


All offers are in English and will be completed with an assessment of the learning outcomes recognized by the sending foreign partners. This follows the EC recommendations on ECVET. By implication, we send our students in consultation with the training companies to our partner schools to similarly designed modules. At the same time, we offer teachers and company trainers the opportunity to accompany the students to get to know the foreign partner schools. In addition, targeted mobility periods are held for educational staff, in which specialist content or pedagogical concepts are focused. To get an idea about the European modules go to the homepage of EMEU

Currently we maintain contacts to these partner schools:

Holland: Horizon College in Hoorn near Amsterdam

England: Bridgwater College in Bridgwater

Spain: Xabec in Valencia; Armeria Escola in Eibar

Slovakia: Technická akadémia – Spišská Nová Ves

Switzerland: GIBZ in Zug, Pfäffikon and Goldau

Finland: Savo College at Kuopio; Gradia College in Jyväskylä

Denmark: Aarhus TECH in Aarhus


European work has found an inherent position in vocational training at the Vocational School for Manufacturing Technology and follows an elaborate development strategy.


In summary, the following elements of this strategy should be emphasized:

– Sending and hosting learners to European Vocational Modules

– Development and implementation of well-founded vocational modules according to ECVET

– Accompanying mobility of educational staff for quality assurance and training

– Participation and implementation of conceptual projects at the level of innovation transfer and strategic partnerships

– Multiplication of own experiences regionally, nationally and internationally

– Expansion and consolidation of bilateral and multilateral partnerships with foreign vocational schools


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